Welcome June!!!!šŸŒŸ

Hi and, happy June!!! šŸ˜ƒšŸŒŸšŸŒæ

Good to share with you again. It’s been raining for some couple of days. The smell of fresh wet earth is surrounding all my heart and body right now. So delicious, so delicate, so yummy.
Thank you universe.

And welcome back to “The Killari Path”.

These have been very powerful days.
Having had a total lunar eclipse while it being a supermoon and at the same time in one of the karmic points of the collective wich is Sagittarius and, going into the next eclipse (it’s going to happen next week) is changing a LOT for everybody.
Feeling very much, downloading a lot too.

For myself,
Learning and mastering some talents that I have keep in the dark.
Now it’s time for them to come alive again, reconnecting to my inner child even more and more.

Like I’ve said before, I love the moon, I feel so connected to her, that when full moons happen I’m always very drawn to it and, depending on the energy she’s exalting, depends my routine even my mood.
For the new moons though I’m always super active and super creative.
I feel very blessed to be able to express and share my love for her, and strong connection that keeps me growing and growing so much.
Since last year, I’ve being taking the time to really focus on what the overall energy was calling us to do with every moon cycle, connecting even more consciously than before.

Shadow work has been the word for the last few cycles of the moon.

It’s incredible but I thought it would be a work that would be exalted in April and exalted again in November.
As Scorpio is the one that carries this magical ability to go into the unknown of the unconscious.
Turns out that, once you have step into the waters of the unknow, it just keeps happening and happening and happening.

I’m surrounded by so much love, (birds…), I just want to say thanks to the universe because although I’m not surrounded by people, I really feel that I’m part of something moving a lot of us, together in Union, as a collective.

I would be lying if I said that it hasn’t been difficult, because it has.

Going to your shadow is so real, so deep, sometimes even deeply painful and hard.
It feels like that moment when you have an ice cream cone and either it’s melting you’re just making a mess or you know that ball is going to fall out into space at some point.

Or have you ever seen how cranberries are grown?
They grow in huge bogs, and when it’s time to collect them they come to the surface and it looks like a red sea down a blue paradise sky.
I feel shadow work like that:

ā€¢ You wait, to see all that comes from the waters of the unconscious, and then you gather all that red, bringing abundance to your higher self.

And yes not all the cranberries will be in optimal conditions.

Not all of them will be good and delicious, some of them will taste bitter, even make you cry, but after all that gathering the abundance of peace, of freedom and love you have for you and your life, and life in general is limitless.
You can also compare it to the life and growth of the lotus flower, coming out of the deepnes of the bog to flourish outside in the sunlight.

ā€¢ It’s a hard work, but I do encourage you: be curious about this, about shadow work, but do know it’s about going to the real… to that part of us we don’t want to see or is hidden in the last book shelf, or a secret compartment in our personal library.

So it can show you things that maybe you had no idea were in you, it can be scary and painful also.
But nothing, nothing, compares to the benefits of it. And remember : it is not about killing the shadow, it is not about making it go away like a monster we don’t want anymore under the bet.

It’s about knowing it and balancing it, the shadow and the light to make us whole.

We are all so blessed to be alive in this world, that every new lesson, every new wisdom that comes our way, it’s sweet like a piece of a warming apple and cinnamon pie, a new opportunity to grow.

May this month of June that brings another eclipse, this being a solar one but touching karma again now in Gemini … may this bring a sea of endless opportunities to your life.
Surrender to the magic of eclipse season.

I’ll be going on a trip, it’s part of my goodbye journey.
I’m going off the grid for almost a week, so I’ll be seeing you soon again.

Keep your mind positive, keep your energy high and uplifted. And during this surrendering think on the best and most powerful and positive outcome for anything you’ve been going through.
Keep going. Trust. Trust the universe, trust yourself, trust your path.

I’m going, I’m trusting, I’m on “The Killari Path”.
Sending love and light.
See you soon.

Calu R.

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