La Luna 🌜Killari

Hi lovely people, 🧡🌟💫🌿

First of all thanks. Thank you so much for your support last video and post, as the previous one too. It’s very fulfilling to see that I can connect through this with you so. Thanks so much from the bottom of my heart and soul. And welcome back to “The Killari Path”.

I wanted to take time as we enter the Gemini season to explain again the name of the journey. What “Killari” means.

I’m constantly embracing new information, please feel free to leave comments and feed back whenever you can. They’re all welcome and im very grateful and thankful for that.

Around three years ago my father had a trip to Perú. He brought me this amazing beautiful humming bird as you can see, with Perú gems and crystals: we have the magical lápizlazuli with it’s deep blue and golden shine, and of course it’s magical capacity to enter the mystical knowledge. Then the green chrysocolla anchoring the heart’s energy and highly femenine side. With white, we have the beautiful mother of pearl connecting us to the spiritual world with the feminine side (also given by chrysocolla), the healing waves of the sea are connected to it too. Then the sunny yellow is also a variation of mother of pearl, that has these amazing properties of increasing creativity, bringing abundance by allowing manifestation to happen by connecting your intuitive being, and attracting prosperity in all levels of your life.

And we end up with this red that I had never seen before in real life, and connects me for some reason to mother nature. It’s the beutiful spondylius. I had never seen what spondylius looked like, I encourage you to take a moment and go look at it. Clearly it manifests it’s protective qualities and ever lasting pure unconditional love.

I felt the abundance of equilibrium of all this elements and beautiful minerals brought to the piece and myself. It’s such a magical way of giving energy to others and to ourselves knowing about crystals, minerals and stones.
I have this connections with them from my dad since I was a child, i was always picking up rocks, naming them, they were sometimes even my friends…

So, he was the one who opened the world of stones and minerals to me. He gave me my first opal and I felt I was giving some sort of treasure from angelical lands.

Back at the day my father went to Perú, I had one request from him: I wanted a stuff animal alpaca. I don’t know why I said that to him when he asked me if I wanted something from Perú, but… that was my answer.
He surprised me with this beautiful Alpaca stuffed animal that I couldn’t keep away from my face, till this day I love to put it near my face, and for some reason it feels splendid to have it near me.

♡ Killari ♡

I have this particular habit of putting names to objects, I like to think it’s to give them a sacred space in my mind and in my world.

So I was having a brain storm of ideas that day to name this amazing gift. But…
I couldn’t vibe with anything, everything seemed non fitting. Until my father came by and said: Killari. Name it Killari.

I loved the sound progression of the name, it sounded magical almost like a made up. I thought he came up with that word, since he tends to create his own words that are magnificent. But then he explained to me that the acutal word is from Quechua language and it means is : moon light, native from Perú, also I cannot pass by the fact that this comes from Cuzco, it’s so beautiful.
I couldn’t believe it.
My journey and connection to the moon has been so personal since my early childhood, back then I didn’t understand the complexity of this connection, and the blessings that it brings.
It was until adulthood that I began to harness the femenin and unknown of the watery beautiful all knowing and all powerful energy of the moon.

When I started The killari Path, I began share with my mom some of my learnings about the moon, her cycles, the energy she brings to us, and mostly the work we can achieve if we can align with her.

The love the moon gives, the caring and unconditional support of her energy  is so precious. So since the beginning I felt so grateful to have the opportunity to share this information with my mom and to express abundance and gratitude and blessings with someone so special as my her, and who has been an incredible teacher in my life.
It was during the exploration of moon goddesses and moon knowledge that “Killari” came back to me, and the “The Killari Path”was born. It is bringing my family and my soul together again through this heavenly synchronicity. And we are healing a lot, before I leave; for my journey from Guatemala to this amazing place that I’m going to. 😃

So know that:

The moon shades her light (or more specifically the sun’s light) in all of what we keep in the shadows, and when there’s no light, she’s still there, guiding the path, even if in darkness.
So welcome, welcome again to my moon light path. “The Killari Path”
Sending love and light to all as we enter Gemini season and most importantly as we enter the never ending possibilities eclipses are bringing to us.
Sending love to all.
See you next week.

Love you all. ♡

Calu R.

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