The Shadow

Hi lovely people, first of all thank you so much for your support last video and post, it’s been unexpected but very welcomed. I’m so grateful. Thanks so much from the bottom of my heart and soul.

Today I want to share the beginning of my journey, how I found out I needed a spiritual death in order to move forward.

I had this little very short dream of about myself, playing around when I was a child.

It spoke to me like lightning in a very dark sky.
I knew… I had to go deep.
Going deep and deeper and be willing to forgive, transmute and transform, requieres courage and an urge to know the truth.

It felt like going into the sea, being pushed by it’s endless waves, and the further I went in, the harder I got pulled.

My intuition was so brilliant and awake.

I was guided first by the moon cycles we were having, calling the subconscious mind to come up and the calling to go deeper and deeper into the water of the moon.

Once there, I found that those waters are very familiar, even if that blackness is right infront,
there was this light guiding the path.

Where was this light guiding me?
What did it meant to go there?

I found a very lovely part of myself, one that comes out whenever I’m really happy an truly being me, and that I’ve treasured so much.

I encountered my inner child.
I saw myself dancing down the rain, all covered in rain water and having an easier even faster way to source.

I saw that child,
I became that child again.
And in that process I saw the beauty and love we have as children, it’s such and expansive and creative energy surfing all of our body cells.

But then I saw a deeper more sensitive story, one that I had never seen with consciousness.
I saw my wounds.

I saw them coming out of my little being, so clear.
And I asked:
What does that child want in order to heal?
What does my inner child needs in order to heal?

I’m still walking the path, I’m still asking everyday, what are you looking for?
What can I keep healing for us?

It feels like peeling an onion, you know you go through one layer, then the other then the other, soon you are crying but getting to the good part of the onion it’s important. It is The meaning.

That’s why it felt like dying, having to be reborn again, trusting myself, the universe and my path, so I could talk an reach that child, and start to heal.

Everything is clearer once we are able to reach the truth. Once we are able to accept our shadow and start healing.
I still am, I’m on The Killari Path.

Calu R.

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