The journey so far

They say the path of the pilgrim is one that you have to face with no expectations and openness to opportunities.

They say that you will encounter many moments in life where you will feel the need to break free and become that pilgrim.

I always thought my journey would be stable, and will demand little emotional and mental shifting. Turns out it’s the complet opposite.

The amount of self determination I’ve had in the past moments and times have been, like fire and water, touching the earth and getting stronger with wind.
It’s a collision of elements, all of them together, creating chaos and transformation.

I’ve felt the intensity of a fire dragon coming out of me, and at the same times, I’ve felt like a newborn butterfly, just breaking out of her coocoon, and waving her wings tall and long, expanding all the time.
I’ve been in a Rollercoaster of energies, emotions, and thoughts, and fear was one that kept me crying, but fear is also the one that keeps me going. I realized that I had to die, in order to move forward.

The death and rebirth of my path made me feel like hanging on the edge of a knife, and at the same time, growing wings in order to fly and expand.

Deeper healing demands time, patience and truth. I had some idea of the topics I had to begin healing, but there are others that came the moment I chose to step out of the box that are deeper, that seem to go to sleep during the day, and wake up at night, when the moon is illuminating that which we can’t or don’t want to see…
I’ve felt the most deeply solitude, trying to make my mind quiet… but after trying and trying and trying again, I have felt the support of unconditional love guiding me, transforming me, surrounding me, lifting me up by the ethereal and the divine .

I had to stop. Take that jump trusting me dying, to give space to rebirth… and it’s the most deep and transforming experience that I’ve had.
Feels like walking blindfolded, through broken glass, feeling every crack at your feet, bleeding with light.
Every tear, turning itself into diamonds, planting seeds of creation while walking into the unknown.

Trusting the universe goes way further than just trusting yourself, it envolves the everything… the shadow, the light, the truth, the old beliefs turning into dust, the hello, the goodbye, the ego, the self, the thank you, the I miss you, the I’m sorry and the let go.
I had to let go and die. Only that way I was able to come back, stronger and with new eyes, with a heart that is beating stronger and stronger on this path.

I’m so grateful.

Let the moon light guide you through.

Let the killari path guide you through.


Calu R.

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