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Hello beautiful people, I hope you are doing well and good ♡.

Today I officially did my first public announcement in social media platforms about my journey. I was very excited and happy about this, at the same time I understand that in order to achieve what I want, I will have to be more diligent with sharing my intimate moments and thoughts.

I wanted to start slowly, as for now I’m just recovering from moving out and handling some internal and external changes. I know that by doing what I want I have to be more open to share my experiences.

So, it’s been hard, this past two weeks have had their ups and downs. I had envision what it would look like to come back to my childhood to heal some past wounds. It turns out that, sometimes we have so many things hidden in our subconscious that it’s just by making the effort to heal, to understand and to forgive that we are able to move forward. It’s easier to talk write about this than to actually do it, for so many different reasons. But at least I’m trying my best to leave with my family members happy and understanding my decisions.

I also know that I cannot please everyone, I cannot convey to others by choosing myself. But I do know that by stepping out of my comfort zone, I will have the opportunity of growth, even so, I know that by following my calling I am going to be happy.

There are a lot of questions about what I’m doing around me, and honestly I don’t have all the answers to them, most importantly because worldwide we are living a change in a deeper level. I can feel it, and I’ve been feeling it since January.

We are moving since today, to Taurus season, and a lot of mayor astrology events, I know the upcoming weeks will bring more attention for all of us to our true path. But we have to do the work, we have to be willing to face, the uncertainty and some uncomfortable situations so we can move in the right direction. We are all together in this situation, and it’s important to understand that sooner than later. We are not alone, and I do believe firmly that if we choose to remain alone, it’s going to be harder, but why do that? If we all are going through some inner and external changes.

We are here in this amazing world to live with unconditional love and with that comes forgiveness, tranquility and the sustain that we are ONE.

I will start to unpack to repack, my belongings and start to choose what to leave behind and what to keep. As far as I have noticed, there’s a lot of “things” we believe strongly that we need, in terms of materials, but the truth is that we condition ourselves to live a certain way, thinking about lack instead of abundance, but when we shift that mindset, there’s a clear new path ahead, were you can built a new lifestyle.

So with all my love I’ll start arranging my life and opening up. I know I might find positive and negative things along the road, but it’s part of being alive.

Stay well, and as you can see my wish is far more extense than just wanting to move, I want to express and hopefully find people who are in need of guidance or can be of guidance.

Stay true to yourself, and remember always, we are in this world together.


Calu R

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