Hello beautiful people and souls, hope you are feeling great. ♡

For those of you who had seen my blog before, you know various things:

1. It has changed

2. I’m all about magic, love and wisdom over here.

3. I have had some struggles in the past, lost, grief, all that we humans experience in this journey called life. I have also had very magical, splendid and beautiful moments all around.

So today, I present to you: “The Killari Path“.

What does Killari means, well it means a lot of things, it’s even a place… lol, I still have a lot to figure out. But, I chose Killari for one particular meaning.

KILLARI MEANS ” MOON LIGHT” in ancient Quechua, and it’s used in the country of Perú. If any other informacion about this is out there, I will love coments. Thank you.

So to keep you updated on what this is, I’m leaving my home town and traveling pretty soon. I know that we are living during times that seem so uncertain and unpredictable to all of us.

My intention is for anyone needing direction, hope, understanding, guide, help and wants to make a change of life as I am doing, can find comfort guidance and love here.

I’ll be extending and exploring all of this, eveey single day, so I hope you can join me and take this new adventure of mine and let’s make a better world together ❤ let’s make it by following our authentic higher self.

With love.

Calu R.

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